Realtors and Brokers

Dear Realtor, or Real Estate Broker:

Thank you for visiting the VMI web site.  We offer several great services to realtors, and brokers. 

First--We are creative home buyers and sellers, and are always looking for great properties at discounted prices.  When you have customers that need to sell, and close quickly--please give us a chance to help.

Second--We can also help you close those deals where the buyer cannot quite get the money needed for closing.

And Third--We offer beautiful homes for sale. Please, take a few minutes to look at the homes we have listed under our "Review Our Homes" tab, and while you are there--please use the "Map-it" tab, and print out a map of each.

Please go by, and see for yourself, or even better, bring your best clients by for a tour.  You, and your bank account, will be glad you did.

After reconditioning, all of our homes are listed on the MLS, and pay full commissions.  Each property was purchased because it was in great condition, and has wonderful sales appeal.  We make sure they are very clean, and have been brought up to almost new standards.

"If you show these homes often you will make sales."

Our inventory turns quickly, so please bookmark this site, and make a note on your calendar to check it at least weekly.

Thank you again for the visit, and I am looking forward to seeing your name on an offer very soon.


Dennis Henson